Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue is the only fox rescue and one of the only dingo rescues in Australia. We are committed to rescuing animals in need from across Australia. 

We are unique becau
se our sanctuary rescues animals many consider to be 'pest' species- but we do not discriminate. We help animals with medical problems,  with behavioral issues and past trauma, young and old. 

We also support families that are struggling to keep their animals, dingoes in particular with fencing assistance, training support, and subsidized desexing. 

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue is entirely volunteer run. Taking care of our 70+ animals is a labor of love. 100% of your donations go straight to helping us take care of animals.

All our animals are desexed which means your donations only support rescue animals- we do not breed.  

Our sanctuary is based on an 100 acre bush property, in New South Wales Southern Highlands area. The entire property is dedicated to the rescue, care and treatment of dingoes and other animals in need. 

You can make a direct bank donation to support our work here:
Account name: Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue
BSB: 012 030
Account number: 267085525

Or click the link below. 

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