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SFDR have helped rescue over 500 animals since 2012. We provide day-to-day care for 70-100 animals at our sanctuary and more through our foster care network and community outreach and assistance programs. 


SFDR believe education is key to increasing animal welfare. We work with school holiday programs, give school talks and do community outreach through markets and other events. We also have an ongoing relationship with the NSW Youth Justice giving talks on wildlife and animal care to young people. 


SFDR advocate for animals who have no one else. We work to create petitions, meet with local councils and MPs and lobby for changes to improve animal welfare. 

about us

Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue (SFDR) is a registered Australian charity and animal advocacy organisation. Since 2012 we have worked tirelessly to rescue, care for, desex and rehome a variety of animal species with a particular focus on foxes and dingoes as well as other animals considered either socially or legally to be 'pest' animals. Unfortunately, the welfare of so called 'pest' species (also called 'feral', 'non-indigenous' or 'invasive' species) in Australia, often falls through the cracks. We, as Australians, consistently fail to stand up and take responsibility for animals brought to Australia through no fault of their own, trying their best to survive. It is time, as a nation, that we move towards more compassionate conservation methods.

5 Key Points About Our Program:

  • 1. All of our rescue animals are desexed, microchiped and vaccinated.
  • 2. All our rescue foxes and dingoes are housed in secure outdoor enclosures with the appropriate government permits.
  • 3. We are a registered charity and have rehomed over 500 animals since 2012. 
  • 4. We believe compassionate, science-based conservation means caring about both introduced and native species and we work hard to assist researchers, universities and wildlife organisations with fox samples and data.
  • 5. We work with many native wildlife and animal welfare organisations including the Animal Rescue Cooperative, Dingo for Biodiversity Project, the Centre for Compassionate Conservation, WIRES, Possumwood Sanctuary and Wildlife Hospital, RSPCA Vic, The Animal Welfare League, World League for the Protection of Animals, and more as well as many council pounds and shelters.

supporting us

why donate to Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue?

We are a volunteer run, small, grassroots charity and so you can sleep soundly knowing 100% of your donation will go directly to supporting animals in need. 

We own a 100 acre bush sanctuary where we can provide a safe, secure home to our rescue animals, since moving our rescue centre here in 2018 we have worked on building bigger and better enclosures. We are committed to improving and expanding our facilities over time to give our residents the best lives possible while they await their forever homes.  

We are a non-kill rescue and provide permanent sanctuary to any and all animals that come into our care who are not suitable for rehoming or cannot be released. 

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How we help animals in need
our services

We run a variety of programs to assist animals who typically may not qualify for assistance, rescue or care from domestic or wildlife animal rescue services. 

Dingo Adoption Program

Check out all our dingoes currently looking for homes click here. 

Fox Mange Treatment 

Email us if you have a fox in your area you are concerned about. 

Animal Sanctuary

We provide permanent sanctuary to 70-100 resident animals. 

Work placements 

We supervise both TAFE and University Students for work placements. 

Subsidised Desexing

We provide subsidised desexing for low income earners who need support to desex their dingoes. 

Neonatal Care

We provide expert neonatal care to a variety of species and have specialised facilities including a humidcrib.

Saving animals since 2012!
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